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Tenth Biannual Meeting with Representatives of Miyota-machi, Nagano Prefecture

In November 2017, the MinebeaMitsumi Karuizawa Plant hosted its regular meeting with representatives of Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture, where the company is headquartered.

The meetings have been held twice yearly to foster mutual trust with local community members. This is the tenth such meeting. The meeting, which welcomed nine people with responsibility for administrative affairs at the town office, provided an opportunity to share information on recent developments and discuss various topics such as the use of the town sports facilities, information collected on road conditions and the management of flower beds and planting along sidewalks.

MinebeaMitsumi will continue to value such dialog with local community members in the future.

image : A regular meeting

Meeting Participants (arbitrary order)

Miyota Town
Manager, General Administration Division Mr. Hiroshi Ogihara
Manager, Planning and Finance Division Mr. Haruki Ogihara
Manager, Tax Division Mr. Noboru Aizawa
Manager, Construction Water Service Division Mr. Hideaki Kanai
Assistant Manager, Disaster Prevention Information, General Administration Division Mr. Tatsuyoshi Kobayashi
Assistant Manager, Planning Section, Planning and Finance Division Mr. Hideki Asakawa
Assistant Manager, Regional Development Section, Planning and Finance Division Ms. Naomi Furukoshi
Assistant Manager, Business and Tourism Unit, Industrial and Economic Affairs Division Mr. Hiroyuki Uchibori
Business and Tourism Unit, Industrial and Economic Affairs Division Mr. Kota Uchibori
MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
Deputy General Manager, Karuizawa Personnel and General Affairs Department Mr. Yasuyuki Orimo
Deputy General Manager, Plant Maintenance Department Mr. Hirokazu Takehana
Deputy General Manager, Group Environment Management Department Mr. Masayuki Onoyama
Deputy General Manager, Accounting Department Mr. Shinichi Tokiwa
General Manager, CSR Promotion Office Mr. Masaki Ishikawa
CSR Promotion Office Ms. Reiko Echigo
CSR Promotion Office Mr. Hidetsugu Irie

Date of the Event : November 13, 2017

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