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NMB-Minebea Thai Invites Local Representatives to Ayutthaya Plant

With work on the pond at the south side of the facility complete, NMB-Minebea Thai welcomed local community and government representatives to the Ayutthaya Plant on the occasion of Queen Sirikit's birthday (August 12).

An overview of the company's health and safety practices, environmental protections and CSR activities was followed by a tour of the facility. Additionally, 2,000 pla nin* fry were released into the completed pond and 63 golden shower trees, the national flower of Thailand, were also planted in the area.

NMB-Minebea Thai looks forward to further exchange with the local community through similar activities in the future.

  • *Nile tilapia, edible fish
image : Group photograph

Group photograph

image : Touring the facility

Touring the facility

image : Releasing fry

Releasing fry

image : Tree planting

Tree planting

Date of the Event : August 9, 2017

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