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Mitsumi Yamagata Business Division Joins Zao Clean-up Operation

MinebeaMitsumi Group's Mitsumi Yamagata Business Division participated in the Zao Clean-up Operation.

Held for the 43rd time, the Zao Clean-up Operation is organized by the Committee for Promotion of the Movement to Beautify Yamagata City, the Zao Onsen Tourism Association, and the City of Yamagata. The event aims to foster an appreciation of nature's importance through clean-up activities that protect plant and animal life and natural resources in the Zao Mountain Range. It encompasses a wide area, from the peak of Mt. Zao (Kumanodake, elev. 1,841m) to the ski area and hiking courses at the foot of the mountains. Endorsing these goals, the Mitsumi Yamagata Business Division has participated in the event every time since 2013.

On the event day, a total of 700 people divided into eleven teams went to Mt. Zao and collected a combined total of 45kg of trash. The four participants from the Yamagata Business Division oversaw the area at the 1,400m elevation.

MinebeaMitsumi Group looks forward to contributing further to the local community and taking part in more environmental activities like these in the future.

image:Mitsumi Yamagata Business Division's members

Mitsumi Yamagata Business Division's members

image:Clean-up activities

Clean-up activities

Event Period: June 3, 2017

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