Latest Update : July 20, 2017

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Mitsumi Atsugi Operation Base Participates in Beautification Activities at Sagami River

Thirty-one employees from MinebeaMitsumi Group's Mitsumi Atsugi Operation Base participated in beautification activities at the nearby Sagami River.

It was part of the Central Kanagawa Sagami River Summit, Six Municipality Joint Clean-up Campaign to protect the beautiful environment around Sagami River. Getting an early start at 7:30am, participants picked up empty cans, plastic bottles, glass and other trash and put them into plastic bags they carried in hand.

For Mitsumi Atsugi Operation Base, this Sagami River clean-up campaign has become an annual event with many employees even participating with their families.

After the clean-up, 5,000 ayu juveniles were released into the Sagami River.

MinebeaMitsumi Group looks forward to contributing further to the local community and taking part in more environmental activities in the future.

image:Clean-up activities

Clean-up activities

image:Releasing ayu juveniles

Releasing ayu juveniles

Event Period: May 28, 2017

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