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NMB-Minebea Thai Organizes a Fun Event on Thailand Children's Day

Thailand Children's Day is the second Saturday of January every year. NMB-Minebea Thai's 5 plants (Bang Pa-in Plant, Navanakorn Plant, Ayutthaya Plant, Ban Wa Plant, Lopburi Plant) organized a fun event to educate the children living nearby to cooperate with environmental protection, natural resource conservation and prevention of global warming.

At the five plants, environmental quiz questions and puzzles were provided to promote environmental protection, natural resource conservation. Also, souvenirs and candy were prepared to make it an enjoyable day.

NMB-Minebea Thai will continue to take part in similar community activities in the future.

image : Quiz


image : Handing out balloons

Handing out balloons

image : Souvenirs


image : Handing out candy

Handing out candy

Date of the Event : January 14, 2017

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