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Material Procurement Procedures for New Business Application Form
Application Form
Please check the categories of your products. (You may check more than one)

 Electric/Electronic Parts
Transistors, Diodes, LEDs, Thermistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Magnetoelectric Convertors, Connectors, Wires/Cables, Magnets, PWBs

 Machined Parts
Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Seals, Labels

 Raw Materials
Carbon Steels, Special Steels-Alloy Steels, Special Steels - Tool Steels, Special Steels-Steel for Special Purpose, Electrical Steels, Aluminum/Aluminum Alloys, Nickel / Nickel Alloys, Thermoplastic Resins, Thermosetting Resin
 Subsidiary Material
Soaks / Fillers, Solders / Weld Metals, Fats and Oils, Others

Bits, Drills, Gear Cutters, Grinding / Abrasive Stones, Media

 Processed Products
Cutting Process, Forging Process, Assembly Process, Other Processes

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