Feb.13, 2017 IR Brief Report for the 3Q of FY3/2017
Feb.13, 2017 IR Brief Report for the 3Q of FY3/2017 of MITSUMI ELECTRIC (Link to "Archives (former MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.)" page)
Jan.30, 2017 Company Notice regarding Television Advertisement Broadcasts
Jan.27, 2017 Company Announcing MinebeaMitsumi's New Corporate Logo and Slogan, Plus New URL, following Business Integration.
Jan.27, 2017 Procurement Notice and request regarding Green Procurement
Jan.17, 2017 Sustainability NMB-Minebea Thai Supports Coral Conservation Activities
Jan.12, 2017 IR Announcement of Financial Results for the 3Q of FY3/2017 and Posting of Conference Call Recording
Dec.21, 2016 Sustainability CSR Promotion Activities in Thailand
Dec.6, 2016 IR Minebea wins the "2016 Company Website Best Company Award by Nikko Investors Relations Co., Ltd." for 11 consecutive years
Dec.2, 2016 IR Semiannual Business Report for the First Half of the 71st Business Year
Nov.28, 2016 Sustainability CSR activities such as Hamamatsu Plant Exhibits at Local Industry Festival are posted
Nov.25, 2016 IR Minebea wins the "Gomez IR Site Ranking 2016" for 10 consecutive years
Nov.24, 2016 IR Analyst Coverage is updated
Nov.22, 2016 IR Minebea wins the 2016 Internet IR Award by Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd.
Nov.21, 2016 IR SEC Filings is posted
Nov.18, 2016 IR Q&A texts of Investor Meeting for the 2Q of FY3/2017
Nov.18, 2016 IR Presentation Transcripts of Investors Meeting for the 2Q of FY3/2017
Nov.9, 2016 IR Financial Data are updated
Nov.2, 2016 IR Presentation of Financial Results for 2Q of FY3/2017
Nov.2, 2016 IR Presentation Slides for the Investor Meeting of Financial Results for the 2Q of FY3/2017

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