Earnings, Dividends, Book Value, Cash Flows Per Share

Latest Update : June 11, 2018

* MinebeaMitsumi has adopted Japanese GAAP.

  FY3/2014FY3/2015FY3/2016FY3/2017 *1FY3/2018
Per share data      
EPS *2 55.9106.797.3107.3141.1
Fully diluted net income per share 53.1101.392.4105.6137.8
Cash dividends per share
BPS 422.6604.8616.4759.2872.7
Per share cash flow data      
Cash flow from operating activities per share 131.8160.2116.5216.8229.6
Free cash flow per share 64.965.7-2.894.788.3
Total weighted average number of shares outstanding during the term 373,225,855373,727,342374,106,139383,378,305420,747,526
Number of shares outstanding at end of term *3 373,530,149373,885,780374,392,602423,322,011419,348,311
  • *1 We have started to consollidate MITSUMI ELECTRIC from January 27, 2017.
  • *2 EPS: Net income per share before dilution.
  • *3 Number of outstanding shares issued - Treasury stock

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