Cash Flow

Latest Update : June 11, 2018

* MinebeaMitsumi has adopted Japanese GAAP.

(Millions of yen)
4Q *1
Income before income taxes and minority interests 15,262 17,37824,71922,3336,798
Depreciation and amortization 7,2927,2187,6528,2388,487
Impairment loss 3,921--625,411
Amortization of goodwill 350254262392335
Equity in net (income) loss of affiliate 50----
Interest and dividends income -223 -346-236-291 -293
Interest expenses 255156169191165
Settlement loss ----123
Loss on bonds redemption 6,196----
Gain on bargain purchase -14,619----
(Gain) loss on sales of fixed assets -125-37-51-25-21
Loss on disposal of fixed assets 1,88025108 301,104
Loss (gain) on liquidation of affiliates 1,003----
(Gain) loss on sales of investments in securities -----15
Gain on extinguishment of tie-in shares ----54-
(Increase) decrease in notes and accounts receivable 19,9222,104-34,93315,64022,993
(Increase) decrease in inventories 19,132-12,188-24,70313,579-576
Increase (decrease) in notes and accounts payable -28,45616,23130,128-25,407-10,799
Increase (decrease) in allowance for doubtful receivables 163-201219-12
Increase (decrease) in accrued bonuses 3,413-1,1095,563-7,2665,583
Increase (decrease) in accrued bonuses to directors 45-12087307275
Increase (decrease) in net defined benefit liability -286-118287-442-212
Increase (decrease) in provision for retirement benefits for executive officers 12-2191212
Increase (decrease) in provision for after-care of products 34-71--11
Increase (decrease) in provision for environmental remediation expenses 92-63-35-44-45
Increase (decrease) in provision for business restructuring losses 3-681-143
Others -3,8088961,445 1,769-1,146
Sub-total 31,51330,17010,55729,04638,302
Interest and dividends received 275324207291313
Interest paid -324-210-201-205-202
Income taxes paid -2,465-1,354-4,398-4,102-3,097
Proceeds from income taxes refund 703-155325685
Cash flow from operating activities 29,70128,9306,32025,35436,000
Payments into time deposits -5,988-4,443-5,479-4,442-6,920
Proceeds from withdrawal of time deposits 7,4103,9245,0443,6827,110
Purchase of tangible fixed assets -8,983-8,664-10,075-14,246-17,788
Proceeds from sales of tangible fixed assets 1,107333387118500
Purchase of intangible assets -590-219-167-172-406
Purchase of investments securities -270-66-643-700-508
Proceeds from sales of investments securities 105-6111
Proceeds from redemption of investment securities 268100582582556
Purchase of investments in subsidiaries resulting in change in scope of consolidation ---4,392-3,325-
Payments for loans provided -241-15-20-12-22
Proceeds from collection of loans receivables 4253182662
Others 600-418528
Cash flow from investing activities -7,174-8,991-14,786-18,397-17,278
Net increase (decrease) in short-term debt -20,710-9215,0331,5364,606
Proceeds from long-term debt 3,407---1,000
Repayment of long-term debt -10,815-699-4,459-1,202-12,199
Proceeds from issuance of bonds 14,680----
Purchase of treasury stock -13-8-8,355-9-5
Proceeds from disposal of treasury stock 193197425428289
Cash dividends paid --2,963-0-5,447-
Cash dividends paid to non-controlling interests ---23--8
Payments from changes in ownership interest in subsidiaries that do not result in change in scope of consolidation -2,4860---4,111
Repayment of lease obligations -18-26-23-39-35
Others --20--
Cash flow from financing activities -15,764-4,423-7,402-4,735-10,464
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents -3875971,0461,187-3,364
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 6,37416,112-14,8223,4094,894
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of quarter 39,98578,83295,13180,30983,810
Increase in cash and cash equivalents from newly consolidated subsidiary 32,472----186
Increase in cash and cash equivalents resulting from consolidation of unconsolidated subsidiaries -186--186
Increase in cash and cash equivalents resulting from merger with unconsolidated subsidiaries ---92-
Cash and cash equivalents at end of quarter 78,83295,13180,30983,81088,704
  • *1 We have started to consolidate MITSUMI ELECTRIC from January 27, 2017.

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