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iamge : Contributing to Educating the Next Generation as a Manufacturing Company

(Posted Oct. 2017)

Mitsumi Robotics Laboratory    CEBU MITSUMI, INC. (Philippines)

image : Ms. Desiree Peralta Recruitment Specialist Human Resource Division CEBU MITSUMI, INC.

Ms. Desiree Peralta
Recruitment Specialist
Human Resource Division

In recent years, securing engineers has become a critical issue for manufacturers in the Philippines. At Cebu Mitsumi, we are working to make it more appealing for members of the younger generation to build a career as an engineer. We lease our research and testing facilities to universities and established the Mitsumi Robotics Laboratory in 2016, whereby we dispatch employees to give lectures.

Universities do not always have the most up-to-date research facilities. By offering use of our facilities, students are able to experience higher level research and the latest technology. Naturally, this contributes to nurturing better engineers, which makes this an extremely valuable program for the students, the university, for ourselves, and for the manufacturing industry as a whole.

It was not always easy to gain cooperation from universities, but by holding discussions with universities about the needs of industry and the academic field, we have been able to conduct plant tours and OJT*, which led to the success of this latest initiative.

image : Lecture given by an employee

Lecture given by an employee

To date, almost 100 students from two universities have participated in our Laboratory. Surveys of participants indicate a very high level of satisfaction, and some students chose to take part in OJT with us immediately following the lectures. Furthermore, our Laboratory has been designated as a required unit for graduation by the computer engineering department at one university.

Moving forward, we are considering an initiative whereby participating students will launch projects aimed at actually resolving regional issues. At the same time, we hope to hold Laboratories at more universities in order to contribute to the development of excellent engineers.

* On the Job Training: Work-based training of employees.

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