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image : Promotion of Globally Active Personnel

(Posted Oct. 2017)

Acting as a Global Business

The MinebeaMitsumi Group began overseas expansion in the United States in the 1960s, and has subsequently expanded operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Currently, overseas business accounts for over 80% of the Group's sales and 90% of its production, and the importance of the overseas business continues to increase. Furthermore, only 6% of our employees are Japanese. For a global corporation such as our Group, nurturing and activating global personnel is a key management issue.

Consequently, the MinebeaMitsumi Group is hiring diverse human resources and also conducting various training to nurture personnel who can operate globally.

Appointment of Global Human Resources

image : Recruitment activities

Recruitment activities

We are actively hiring diverse human resources both in Japan and abroad in order to increase the number of our personnel who can participate globally. To this end, the Group is actively hiring international students studying at Japanese universities. We are also actively recruiting new employees outside Japan, including Japanese overseas students studying in the United States and new Chinese graduates in China. In October 2016, we hired four new Chinese employees, and in April 2017, we hired three Japanese overseas students who had just graduated.

Training to Nurture Global Personnel

The MinebeaMitsumi Group offers many opportunities for Japanese employees to be stationed overseas in order to nurture global personnel, and has also established diverse training opportunities, such as dispatch of employees to business school in the United States. We also strive to develop our overseas employees. We provide leadership training for management level employees, and our operational divisions and head office invite overseas staff to Japan for periods ranging from a few months to a year in order to enhance their skills, and to support their efforts to learn Japanese and to network.

Please refer here for detailed information on our Relationships with Employees.

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