Social Report

The information on this page was published before the January 27, 2017 business integration between Minebea Co., Ltd. and Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. The CSR Report for MinebeaMitsumi Inc. will be published in September 2017. Link to Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. .

We aim to fully satisfy customers in terms of quality, cost, supply capacity, and speed, working diligently to enhance its reputation as the most reliable component manufacturer.

We are committed to maintaining and improving workplaces where each of our employees can work safely and in good health, and fully exercise his or her abilities.

The Minebea Group's business is supported by relationships with numerous suppliers. The Minebea Group has adopted a Basic Purchasing Policy on which healthy partnerships are built.

As an enterprise operating on a global scale, we believe in the importance of building sound partnerships with local communities through good communication.

Through enhanced IR activities, we will work to expand our communication with shareholders and to promote greater understanding of the Minebea Group among all types of investors.

This section reports on Minebea employees' opinions.

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