MinebeaMitsumi Group CSR

Basic Approach

image : Supporting the UN Global Compact

image : Supporting the UN Global Compact

The MinebeaMitsumi Group believes that the mission of a company is to contribute to the sustainable development of the global environment and of humanity, not only through strict adherence to laws and regulations, but also through fair and proper business management in accordance with business ethics. To achieve this mission, we have established the "Five Principles" as our company credo, and on the basis of this credo, we have formulated the MinebeaMitsumi Group Basic CSR Policy and the MinebeaMitsumi Group's CSR Implementation Principles to guide our CSR activities.

In April 2015, we revised the Group's CSR Implementation Principles. Based on our commitment to creating beneficial value for society through our products, we added the principle of "Creation of social value through our products."

We also stress the importance and strive to fulfill the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, to which we announced participation in 2012.

image : The Five Principles, MinebeaMitsumi Group Basic CSR Policy
image : The MinebeaMitsumi Group's CSR Implementation Principles

MinebeaMitsumi Group Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are defined as employees, customers, shareholders, local communities, and global society, which are affirmed in our company credo, the "Five Principles," as well as suppliers and the environment that supports our society. In carrying out CSR activities, the Group believes that it is essential to maintain communication with each stakeholder group and meet their expectations.

image : MinebeaMitsumi Group Stakeholders

CSR Promotion Structure

The MinebeaMitsumi Group has established a CSR promotion structure, overseen by the CEO and COO who is assisted by the Chief of Personnel and General Affairs Headquarters. Its purpose is to better promote CSR activities on the basis of the MinebeaMitsumi Group's Basic CSR Policy and CSR Implementation Principles.

We have also established the CSR Promotion Office which operates as an office for further strengthening of CSR structure and to develop activities for internal CSR promotion. At each work site, we appointed CSR Officers (head officer) and sub-staff in charge of CSR to promote CSR awareness and monitor the status of activities. The officers collaborate with CSR sub-staff to promote PDCA management globally.

Going forward, we will further reinforce our CSR structure across the Group to promote CSR activities.

image : CSR Promotion Framework

Analyzing the Status of CSR Activities

The MinebeaMitsumi Group conducts its CSR activities based on the seven key themes proposed by international social responsibility standard ISO 26000—Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Labor Practices, the Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, Community Involvement and Development—as well as Social Responsibility Awareness and Integration into Entire Organization. In relation to these themes, we confirm the status and importance of our activities, while identifying priority issues we need to tackle.

Through these analyses, we confirmed the need to systematically pursue CSR through collaboration between worldwide sites and the head office, as well as the need to share cutting-edge initiatives among all sites.

In FY2016, we coordinated with the CSR Officers at all our worldwide sites worldwide to check the state of CSR activities in each region and to confirm plans for FY2017. Moving forward, we will continue to promote PDCA management through communication with our CSR Officers.

Internal CSR Diffusion Activities

Since FY2012, we have been holding CSR study meetings among working-level coordinators in each division to discuss goals for our CSR promotion activities.

In FY2016, we continued to check the progress of initiatives at all bases in Japan and overseas. In addition, we promote CSR awareness through articles in the biannual employee magazine.

Future Issues and Goals

As a global enterprise, the MinebeaMitsumi Group aims to promote CSR based on ISO 26000 and other international standards. We will strive to establish a Group-wide CSR strategy, inclusive of overseas sites, and promote management activities in order to instill CSR throughout the Group.

Furthermore, we will boost the promotion of CSR understanding internally, and drive the enhancement of CSR management under the new structure.

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